Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unsure of a title . . .

. . . but I know what's on my mind.

While I love a good blog post, I'm not always sure I'll pull one off.

My blog is my my time capsule. My time capsule. And even though I want to put days and weeks into it, I don't always have the hour or so it takes to do that cleanly and satisfyingly. Sometimes, most times, even, I don't even have the inspiration. The only thing I want to do is not forget anything beautiful. I don't want the pictures I took of those beautiful things to be forgotten, reduced to a number on the hard drive.

(I've been finding it hard to find a reason to publish a post without a photo, even harder than finding time to post at all. If that makes sense.)

So photos and memories are, apparently, the two biggest reasons I blog. And I have some good photos and memories from over the last week to capsule.

I've been so busy, doing so many different things I could talk/write about for hours, that I didn't have time to download the photos from my cameras onto the computer. Next week, I'm anticipating that it'll be so busy again that I won't have the time or patience to sit down at the computer and plug in the cameras, purge the photos that need purging, and whip the others into shape.

I'll maybe still be taking photos, and I'm certain that I'll be making memories, but whether or not I'll chronicle them here, or on flickr, or even order prints of my favorites, is another matter.

It's important to live fully. And while documenting your own personal reality via words (blog or personal journal in my case) and photos, I still have to remind myself that even if the memories aren't being properly stored or reflected upon, the experiences still happened. They made me smile when they happened, and their afterglows are delightful while they last. And just like the past experiences, of a day or week or season, happened, there are still countless others to go out and live.

Ok, I've written candidly this whole time, and I think that I've finally found my point: Life goes on. Whether what has happened was good or bad or boring or weird, life goes on. And if you're a Christian, life really keeps going on! =)

This post is now really long, and I'm getting really tired, so I'll sign off. If you had the stamina to read all the way here from the beginning, know that you deserve a mocha or frosted brownie or something equally delightful. =) On a different note, know that I really do appreciate you readers.


PS - I still have the want to capsule this last week, as it was one of the most memorable of my life thus far . . . because I started school. I'd really love to show you pictures and write a few (dozen) paragraphs, but you know why I'm not going to. Not today, anyhow. =) xoxo


Ellyn said...

"and if you're a Christian, life really keeps going on" - Amen!! :D

Hannah B. said...

I just found your blog! Hannah had it up on the computer and I couldn't believe that it was yours!! I love it!!! I am definitely gonna keep reading.


Jess said...

Sorry..I didn't have a google I was using I do!! So this is really me..and...and you now have 2 comments to moderate! Oh Joy!! :D