Saturday, September 24, 2011


goodbye, and thank you.

I've been thinking of this post for a few weeks now.

When I started this blog, I didn't know where it would take me or what I would experience. It's been an adventure, writing it and meeting other bloggers via the Internet. An adventure I've learned a lot through and have really enjoyed.

Now, it's my time to start a new adventure. I'm not sure yet which way I'll go, or where I'll end up, but I have ideas. My photography has come to a crossroads - I feel a pressure to get serious with it.

My change from homeschool to a full class load on a campus is also reshaping my view on things. Life in general, the future . . . those kind of things. I'm afraid that, for now, I don't have the time to write a satisfying blog.

But I'll keep writing and reading. I'll keep honing my photography. I'll keep being enchanted by life and love. And I'll grow my new interests, too.

This blog was started by a fourteen-year-old dreamer. Now she's sixteen, has new ideas and altered dreams.

 I have a feeling that I'm not finished with blogging - but I know that I'm finished with H,W. It has been fun, though. So, so fun and interesting. I loved the experience. When it's time for me to start up again, in a new place with the aforementioned new ideas and direction, I'll know it.

But until then, I'm backing off, to let myself transition from the past to the present. That in itself is an adventure!

And before I go, there's something I have to say: Thank you. For all the fun comments you have left and the wonderful blogs you write, thank you! It's been a joy to be inspired by you.

Keep growing, everyone!

PS - An afterthought: Isn't life nuts? And isn't God good? 
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 
~Hebrews 13:8


Charming Elephant said...

We will miss you! :)

Ellyn said...

:( I'll miss reading your amazing and whimsical posts, Miss Margaret.



love you,

Celtic Traveler said...

You've been awarded!

Haili said...

hey, no fair! I just started a blog and you're ending!
have you started a new blog somewhere else, or are you done for good?