I think that I wield a mechanical pencil a little better than a drawing one, but I still have fun spending an afternoon on the creation of some maiden. Maidens are all I draw -  I simply cannot portray a man for some reason. These are the some of the people I drew over the summer of 2010:

 This is how I imagine Enna from Shannon Hale's Enna Burning. I left off the face because  I have ruined many a drawing by adding one. Look below to see what I mean:

Ugh, that's bad. You're thinking, "Uh, Margaret, you didn't have to post it on the internet if you're that mortified, you know." Well, yeah, I know, but I just wanted you to get the idea of my handicap with faces. But here is one face that I do like:

This was supposed to be  a character of mine, but it didn't turn out looking like her at all! Another drawing impossibility of mine: I can't draw anyone that I have already seen or imagined. So that means no character or friend's portraits. :( It's my annoying inability for faces!! But I am content with the new people I draw and sometimes find inspiration for a fresh character through them.

Ha, when I showed this one to my sister, she said, "Why is she green?" My answer was, "I really don't know. But you like her sword, right?" She did. :) Usually I don't draw totally fantasy/magic people, but again, I have no rules for my art! If one of my characters from The Pace was something like a green elf creature, this is exactly what she would look like.

This one is an acrylic painting. It is how I imagine night would look like if it were a person. I was inspired by a beautiful painting by someone whose name I cannot remember, but that painting is a gorgeous piece of art and mine simply does not measure up to it.

This was just some non-serious drawing of a little fantasy princess from somewhere. Black-haired heroines aren't my really thing (right now), but she was fun to draw. :) And I like her dress. :)

Notice: All images copyright 2010 by M.M.G.


Ellyn said...

My faves are the one of Enna and the one with green hair! haha I know what you mean - I can't draw men either x( Every single man I draw and show to my parents gets a, "Oh, he's nice....but he looks too girly."



Jenna said...

I love how you said the acrylic is what you imagine night would look like, personified; that one's my favorite. (: Her skin really does look like moonlight.

Icebat said...

you should paint them more often, they look really cool!